SkillSpector V1.3.2


Download SkillSpector Version 1.3.2

New in SkillSpector 1.3.2

1. Improved calibration process

2. Fixed problem with sync image

New in SkillSpector 1.3.1

1. Fixed problem with Sync image

New features in SkillSpector 1.3.0

1. Improved analysis menu

2. Calculation of kinetic and potential energy

3. Persistent windows

4. Improved model properties

5. Individual colors on segments in 3D animation

6. More stable

7. Still missing bvh export

New features in SkillSpector 1.2.5

1. Improved video overlay

2. Improved 3D analysis support

3. Calculation of angular momentum and angular velocity (calculation based on this)

4. Still missing bvh export but the feature is in progress....

New features in SkillSpector 1.2.4

1. Smart Scroll - During the digitizing process the scroll position is automatically adjusted

2. Adjusting scroll to center stick figure

3. Fixed missing overlay in 1.2.3

4. Fixed problem with dedicated scroll when using laptop touchpad